I would be honoured to compose a new work for you or for your group. What is the advantage to you in commissioning music?

First and foremost is the knowledge that your sponsorship has brought about the creation of a fine new work of art with which you will always be associated. Your name is displayed on the published score, in program notes for all performances, in CD liner notes and in radio broadcast commentary.

One valuable option that I have explored in past commissions is that of sharing the fee between several parties. For example, one of my larger choral commissions was jointly funded by two choirs who were able to give simultaneous premieres in two cities! Neither is there any reason for such an undertaking to be limited to two groups – or even to the same country. My first wind ensemble work was funded by a consortium of no less than sixty individuals and organisations in twelve countries!

One mark of a fine composer is the ability to write excellent music not only for all varieties of vocal or instrumental ensembles, but also for ensembles over a range of abilities and experience. I have recently given a lot of attention to this issue and look forward to taking on the special challenges that such projects require.

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Do not hesitate to contact me to find out more about commissioning new music. I am able to send you a scale of fees as a starting point for discussion. Of course, economic conditions and financial resources vary widely between different countries, and between different institutions in the same country. My aim is always to tailor a package to your particular circumstances to allow for the creation of a new musical work.

Thank you!