I Hold Your Hand In Mine

This recording is from Viva Voce’s very well reviewed 2002 CD titled ‘Snapshots: The Viva Voce Album’ and is used by permission of the choir. Viva Voce are directed by John Rosser in a performance that captures the song’s horribly macabre elegance. A link to the choir’s website, and details of how you can purchase this CD can be found on the ‘choral catalogue’ link below.

John Rosser commissioned me to make this choral arrangement of Tom Lehrer’s song! I am very grateful to Tom Lehrer for his permission to do this.

I Hold Your Hand In Mine

I hold your hand in mine, dear, I press it to my lips,
I take a little bite from your dainty fingertips;
My joy would be complete, dear, if you were only here,
But still I keep your hand as a precious souvenir.

The night you died I cut it off, I really don’t know why,
For now each time I kiss it I get bloodstains on my tie,
I’m sorry now I killed you, for our love was something fine,
And till they come to get me I shall hold your hand in mine.

© Tom Lehrer