U Trau

This work was commissioned by AMIS – The Association for Music in International Schools. The text is secular and international in character. It is in Niuspi, a language with a vocabulary derived mainly from Indo-European languages and with a grammar which in some aspects resembles Chinese. You may find a pronunciation guide below. There is also a reading of the text along with the most recent recording of the music. I am very happy to announce that this music is now available in a new edition from eminent publishing house EC Schirmer. Performances have taken place in Leiden Holland, Blue Lake Michigan, Minneapolis Minnesota (twice), and Singapore.


“…beautiful, amazing, and inspiring…”

Instrumentation: 2 Wind Ensembles/ Symphonic Bands & Choir (SSAATB).

Each band: 1 Picc. 2 Fl.1 Ob. 4 Cl.(Bb) 1 Bass Cl. 2 Alt. Sax. 1 Ten. Sax. 1 Bar. Sax. 1 Bsn. 1 Str. Bass 2 Hn (F) 3 Tpt.(Bb) 3Tbn. 1 Euph. 1 Tba. Timp. 2 Perc.

Persual Score


World Premiere: Ithaca College Wind Ensemble under Timothy Reynish, Ithaca NY, April 27, 2006.
(By kind permission of Timothy Reynish)

Gerhard Markson, WASBE Youth Wind Orchestra, Killarney Ireland, 2007.
(By kind permission of Mark Custom Recording Service)
Basic MIDI simulation of version #1




Grade 6


Vaia’ata Print (self-published)