Transcending is the fourth and final movement of Alafaya, a suite composed for and dedicated to John Lynch and the Sydney Conservatory Wind Symphony.

To transcend means to surpass, to go beyond. One may transcend the joys and sorrows of this life through the attainment of inner peace. Eventually the soul will break free and drift unencumbered on the serene breezes of the universe.

There can be few sounds so conducive to a transcendent state as that of waves lapping upon the shore. It is possible to calculate the interval between those waves, and so much more in the natural world, by means of the Fibonacci series. Accordingly the overlapping chords in this music are built around durations of 2, 3, 5, and 8 beats – the opening values of that series.

Transcending is published by Murphy Music Press where you can see a score and listen to the performance by John Lynch and the Sydney Conservatory Wind Symphony, recorded in July 2019, at the WASBE 2019 Conference in Buñol, Spain.