Composer Joshua Hobbs

Composer Jeremy Adams

Composer Cheryl Camm

Visit the Music Department of the University of Central Florida in Orlando
The Pytheas Center For Contemporary Music undoubtedly the most valuable resource in this field!
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A few facts about commissioning new music
The site of New Zealand’s national orchestra, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
New Zealand’s second fully professional orchestra, the Auckland Philharmonia
New Zealand’s national classical music station, Concert FM
The Graduate Choir – a superb ensemble combining the finest elements from diverse musical traditions.
New Zealand’s finest choir of all sacred music, Musica Sacra
Discover Viva Voce, an innovative and accomplished New Zealand chamber choir
Visit the 1999 ‘Choir of the World’, the New Zealand National Youth Choir
Innovative and masterful California choir San Francisco Choral Artists
One of the very finest male choirs in the United States Washington Men’s Camerata
World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles, WASBE
High quality recordings at very competitive rates: contact Mark Custom Recording Service
Innovative recordings from this highly regarded company – Klavier Records
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Pre-eminent American Chamber Ensemble, the Verdehr Trio
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The homepage of the University of Otago Music Department
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Conductor Timothy Reynish, one of the pillars of the modern wind ensemble establishment
One of the most exciting exponents of the modern wind repertoire: The Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble
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The hymns of Jocelyn Marshall are performed worldwide
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