Songs of Samoa

This collection consists of arrangements of traditional Samoan songs for a cappella choir. It is available from Vaia’ata Print through competitively priced copy licence. These songs work very well as a cycle and have also been frequently performed as individual numbers throughout the United States, Europe and Australasia. Single versions of some of the songs are available from Alliance Music Publications Inc. (USA). Samoan pronunciation is easy and consistent. All editions come with a pronunciation guide, translation and background notes. For Samoa Sings (SSAA, TTBB) and Two Samoan Folksongs please see below.

Okaoka La’u Honey


The singer compares his lover to the most highly prized and exotic foods available in Samoa in the early years of this century. Rhythmic, exuberant and great fun. Not difficult. ±3″

Sau La’u Teine Samoa

SATB (some divisions)

The frustrated serenader knocking at the door. The tune seems to show the influence of Hawaiian popular music of the 1920s received via the dance halls of Pagopago, American Samoa. Not difficult. ±2.5″LISTEN (recording by permission of the Graduate Choir)

Minoi, Minoi

SATB (some divisions)

A dance song, the words describing the movements of the dance. More food/love imagery! Very catchy tune. Not difficult. ±2.5″ LISTEN (recording by permission of New Zealand National Youth Choir)

La’u Lupe

SATB (optional ten. solo)

Two contrasting images of loss or death in one song: a Samoan one – the flight of the pigeon, and a European one – the plucked rose. The irregular phrases of this beautiful melody reveal its relationship to pre-European chant. LISTEN (recording by permission of Juniata College Choir) ±3″

Pusi Nofo


An action song. Cats accompanied the first Europeans to arrive in Samoa and have been the frequent subject of songs and dances ever since. Easy and a lot of fun. ±2″ LISTEN (recording of the TTBB version by permission of Graduate Choir)

Moemoe Pepe

SATB (optional sop. solo)

A tender lullaby, the words having obvious links to the English lullaby ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’, but with a subtle difference in the last line. Not difficult. ±3″ LISTEN (recording by permission of the Graduate Choir)

Faleula E!


A chant from the ‘Mau’ movement (advocating independence from New Zealand) is woven into a well known hymn. Dramatic, exciting. Moderate difficulty. ±4″ LISTEN (recording by permission of New Zealand Secondary School Students Choir who commissioned this music)

Samoa Sings (SSAA – optional sop. solos in 2, 3 and 4)

1) Minoi, Minoi 2) La’u Lupe 3) Pusi Nofo 4) Moemoe Pepe
(*recordings by permission of Mark O’Leary and Young Voices of Melbourne)
(**recording by permission of Magen Solomon and the San Francisco Women’s choir)

Samoa Sings (TTBB)

1) Minoi, Minoi 2) La’u Lupe 3) Pusi Nofo 4) Moemoe Pepe 5) Sau La’u Teine Samoa 6)Okaoka La’u Honey
(*recording by permission of Terence Maskell and the Graduate Choir)